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Hybrid conference of ICTC 2021

2021-09-30 15:00

Dear Participants,  


ICTC 2021 organizing committee has decided to hold ICTC 2021 as a hybrid mode (in-person and online).  


Keynotes, industries, and special sessions will be provided by live streaming on Youtube and other (technical) sessions will be broadcast through zoom.


The final program will be announced on the website after authors registration is finished.  

Regarding the presentation format, oral sessions will be conducted in the form of on-site or online(zoom) presentation, while poster sessions will be replaced by uploading a pre-recoded presentation video.


Please check the video submission method on the website, and note that the video will be released only during the conference period.  


In addition, please understand that we can only accommodate a very limited number of people at the Banquet event according to the government’s quarantine guidelines. We ask for your understanding in advance that various matters regarding the conference may change.


We will prepare for the conference in accordance with the government’s quarantine guidelines.  


ICTC 2021 Secretariat